The Asian Conference on Language Learning 2018


"Surviving and Thriving: Education in Times of Change"

In 2017, IAFOR education conferences in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America have brought together delegates from around the world to consider the theme of “Educating for Change” from a variety of different perspectives and approaches, taking full advantage of the international make-up of the attendees and the huge diversity of experiences. A recurring theme throughout the conferences was the reference to the future, be it immediate or longer term, as being uncertain; the natural resilience and optimism was counterbalanced by both apprehension; with hope also came fear.

In this period of great global political and economic instability, rising inequality and social unrest, the role of education within society has never been more important, but never more vulnerable. This brings us to our conference theme for 2018, which references these inherent vulnerabilities in both educational systems and the individual students and teachers, as well as the necessary resilience needed to not only survive, but also thrive.

How do we teachers, administrators and policymakers adopt and adapt to change outside our control? How do we nurture and encourage positive change, through the excitement of the imagination, innovation and creativity? How can technologies be better used to help us teach, and to help students learn? How do we sustain and manage change? How can we react positively to negative change? How can we, our institutions and our students survive and thrive in these times of change?

In conjunction with our Global Partners, we look forward to extending you a warm welcome in 2018.

The ACLL2018 Organising Committee

Professor Barbara Lockee, Virginia Tech, USA
Professor Ted O’Neill, Gakushuin University, Japan
Professor Steve Cornwell, Osaka Jogakuin University, Japan
Dr Jo Mynard, Kanda University of International Studies, Japan
Dr Joseph Haldane, The International Academic Forum (IAFOR)

Key Information
  • Location: Art Center Kobe, Kobe, Japan
  • Dates: Friday, April 27, 2018 ​to Sunday, April 29, 2018
  • Conference Theme: "Surviving and Thriving: Education in Times of Change"
  • Early Bird Abstract Submission Deadline: December 08, 2017*
  • Final Abstract Submission Deadline: February 08, 2018
  • Registration Deadline for Presenters: March 08, 2018

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Keynote, Featured and Spotlight Speakers will provide a variety of perspectives from different academic and professional backgrounds. For details of presentations and other programming, please click here.

  • Dr Bonny Norton
    Dr Bonny Norton
    University of British Columbia, Canada
  • Dr Garold Murray
    Dr Garold Murray
    Okayama University, Japan

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As the world’s largest continent continues to develop, so do its educational and academic needs, and as the global economy recentres towards the Asia-Pacific region, the relevance and significance of IAFOR as an interdisciplinary think tank for both Asia and the West grows. IAFOR's Asian Conference Series, held in the cosmopolitan port city of Kobe, Japan, is the ideal forum in which to discuss emerging regional and global issues, and to keep up to date with the latest interdisciplinary research across a range of academic fields.

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Dr Bonny Norton
University of British Columbia, Canada


Dr Bonny Norton, FRSC, is Professor and Distinguished University Scholar in the Department of Language and Literacy Education, University of British Columbia, Canada. Her primary research interests are identity and language learning, critical literacy and international development. Recent publications include a 2017 special issue on language teacher identity (MLJ), a 2014 special issue on multilingual literacy in African communities (JMMD), and a 2013 second edition of Identity and Language Learning (Multilingual Matters). A Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and the American Educational Research Association, she was the 2010 inaugural recipient of an AERA Senior Research Leadership Award, and in 2015 a co-recipient of the TESOL Distinguished Research Award.

Keynote Presentation | Identity and Language Learning in an Unequal Digital World
Dr Garold Murray
Okayama University, Japan


Garold Murray is associate professor in the Centre for Liberal Arts and Language Education at Okayama University, Japan. He holds a PhD in language education from the University of British Columbia, Canada. In addition to having taught EFL courses in junior high school, high school, undergraduate, graduate, and teacher education programs, he established and managed two self-access centres in Japan – one of which was open to the general public. He has served as convener of the AILA Research Network on Learner Autonomy in Language Learning (2005-2011) and president of the Japan Association of Self-Access Language Learning (2005-2010). His research interests focus on learner autonomy, social learning spaces, imagination, and semiotics of place. He is editor of the book The Social Dimensions of Learner Autonomy (2014) and co-editor of the books Identity, Motivation, and Autonomy in Language Learning (2011); Social Spaces for Language Learning: Stories from the L-café (2016); and Space, Place and Autonomy in Language Learning (2018).

Keynote Presentation (2018) | Language Learning in a Time of Complexity and Change