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Photographs of The Asian Conference on Language Learning 2017 (ACLL2017) in Kobe, Japan

Photographs of The Asian Conference on Language Learning 2017 (ACLL2017) in Kobe, Japan

On an individual level the ability to speak and operate in another language opens new worlds of possibilities, and allows unmediated access to peoples, cultures, and both literary and academic works.

IAFOR conferences are laboratories of intercultural communication, as a typical conference may contain delegates from anywhere between 30 to 60 different countries. This makes our vision of an academic platform at the intersection of culture, nation and discipline a reality, and makes for an extremely diverse and rich conference environment.

Language is a powerful tool, and the prominence given to language learning in the IAFOR programme underscores the crucial role language learning and teaching plays in facilitating and building the many necessary bridges in communication between individuals, cultures and societies within the global context.

Our events offer the chance for scholars and practitioners to exchange the latest ideas and approaches, attend workshops and interact with some of the biggest names in the field. What’s more, IAFOR’s language learning conferences are organised in partnership with some of the world’s leading universities and language learning associations, including Birkbeck University of London, Virginia Tech, Moscow State University, Waseda University, University of Sussex, University of Indonesia, National Association of Teachers of English (NATE), Russia, and National Association of Applied Linguistics, Russia. These partnerships attest to the excellence of our programme, but also mean that our conferences are exceptional platforms to disseminate your research.

The Asian Conference on Language Learning (ACLL) brings together delegates from many different national, cultural and linguistic backgrounds to Tokyo, Japan, to present new research and exchange ideas. This exceptional platform welcomes speakers and delegates working in any area of education, from academics and theorists to policymakers and practitioners, in both the private and public sectors, for challenging debate and stimulating discussions around the latest concepts and newest approaches.

Previous Speakers

The speakers below, among others, have presented their research at IAFOR's conferences on language learning.

Christine Coombe, Past President of both TESOL Arabia and TESOL International; Eiko Kato-Otani, President of Osaka Jogakuin University and educational technology specialist; Kay Irie, language and psychology expert and Gakushuin Professor; Ken Wilson, internationally acclaimed materials author; Svetlana Ter Minasova, Founding Dean and current President of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Areas Studies at Moscow State University, and President of the The National Association of Teachers of English (NATE), Russia; Alan Maley, renowned English language teaching pioneer; Ted O’Neill, technology and language learning expert; Steve Cornwell, Japan Association of Language Teaching (JALT) Director of Program and IAFOR International Director of Programme for Language Learning; Insung Jung, Professor at the International Christian University, Japan and leading authority on open and distance Learning; Stephen Ryan, Waseda Professor and motivation and language expert.

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Ways to Get Involved

IAFOR depends on the assistance of a large number of international academics and practitioners who contribute in a variety of ways to our shared mission of promoting international exchange, facilitating intercultural awareness, encouraging interdisciplinary discussion and generating and sharing new knowledge. We are grateful for the time, effort and expertise donated by all our volunteer contributors.

Here are some of the ways you can get involved:

IAFOR Membership

If you have any questions, or if you would like to suggest additional ways in which you could contribute to IAFOR’s interdisciplinary activities, please feel free to email acll@iafor.org.