Satoko Kato


Satoko Kato is a Senior Education Coordinator/Lecturer, at the Research Institute for Learner Autonomy Education (RILAE), Kanda University of International Studies (KUIS), Japan. She is also a lecturer at the Graduate School of Language Sciences, KUIS, teaching “learner autonomy” and “teacher autonomy” as part of the MA TESOL program. She holds an MA in TESOL from Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, and holds a Ph.D. degree in Education and Learning Science from Hiroshima University. She has conducted over 3,800 advising sessions as a learning advisor in the past 12 years aimed at promoting learner autonomy. Her research interests are learner/teacher autonomy, advising in language learning, reflective dialogue, and mentoring in teacher/advisor education. She is also focusing on developing and implementing advisor education programs for learners and teachers, domestically and internationally. She has co-authored two books, Reflective dialogue: Advising in language learning (with Jo Mynard, published by Routledge NY, 2016), and Eigo Gakushu Techo: English Learning Planner (with Hisako Yamashita, published by KUIS press, 2012–2014).

Featured Panel Presentation (2019) | Supporting Learners and Learning from Outside the Classroom: An Interdependent Multidisciplinary Approach

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