Keiko Sakui


Keiko Sakui, PhD is professor at Kobe Shoin Women’s University in Kobe, Japan. She has been an English language teacher, teacher trainer and researcher for more than 25 years and has worked in Japan, New Zealand and the United States. Her research interests extend to a wide variety of topics including understanding motivation, language teacher training, and the use of ICT in language classrooms. Keiko takes a hands-on research approach by immersing herself in educational settings: talking to teachers and other stakeholders and observing lessons so she can describe educational systems from multiple perspectives. Her most recent project, which is supported by a Japanese government grant, is to investigate English teaching in elementary schools. In a previous grant-supported project she explored different uses of ICT for language learning. She observed and interviewed university teachers and researchers in seven countries including Australia, Singapore, South Korea and the UK in order to develop an analytical framework for digital technology. This practical approach to research on ICT and language learning has led Keiko to experiment with creating her own online materials for teaching English grammar and various soft skills. In her free time, she also enjoys a variety of activities such as running, mountain walking and playing the piano.

Keynote Presentation (2019) | Gender, Race and Other Factors: Being a Member of Multiple Communities

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